The Zawadi Mouse Pad is designed and crafted with the purpose of a convenient and modern accessory that one can rely on. The Zawadi Mouse Pad is designed to be a complimentary stylish computer accessory with convenience and practicality. It features all the useful properties of a modern Mouse pad, firmly staying on a desk and smooth top for easy mouse movements.


Product Feature

The Zawadi mouse pad is the perfect asset to your workspace! This rectangular mouse pad offers a large work area and allows your mouse to move smoothly on your desktop. With its curved edges and elegant contrast stitching, this mouse pad is sure to add a modern personality to your workspace. Made from our sustainable kips leather, The Mouse pad comes in Black and Brown.

Detailed Specifications.

  • Available in Black and Brown.
  • Dimensions are 7.8 inches by 10.9 inches.
  • Rough bottom and a smooth top.
  • Contrast stitching.
  • Slim Fits perfectly inside a bag. 
  • Genuine Kenya Leather.
  • Made in Kenya
  • Branded
  • It comes packaged with our plastic-free, reusable, and zero-waste packages.
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