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Through this passion and business, Mubi Leather has created jobs to artisans which earns them income for their families. For every bag you buy, our skilled artisans earn and make a living.
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Our Story
Mubi leather is a sustainable made in Kenya brand that manufactures Premium and Authentic Kenyan-made leather bags and accessories.

We do this by creating an impact in our community by working with local artisans and being environmentally conscious through all our processes. We make our processes sustainable and transparent through;

  • Starting from ethically sourcing our raw materials, 
  • a friendly and conducive working environment for the artisans,
  •  eco-friendly packaging using 100% plastic-free/ paper and reusable packaging bags for our products.
  • Conservation of the environment by upcycling leather offcuts from the workshop floor through arts and crafts as opposed to bumping them into landfill which would cause harm to the environment.


We exist to manufacture authentic, highly functional, and premium leather products for our customers. At Mubi leather, we believe in matching the aspirations of the daring and big goal achievers, by making leather products that will not only turn heads but start conversations with their Friends and be respected among them.


We stand for the daring, ambitious go-getters. That person who has a dream to be someone of significance. Mubi leather aims at being the only leather manufacturer making products for individuals who aspire to make a difference in their society. 


At the heart of Mubi leather, is a delicate heart formed by the ideologies of a young mind who dares to dream big, through crafting amazing containers of Dreams, we call them leather Bags.  

Handmadehandmade with Leather craftsmanship

Using local skill, our products are made by ingenuity from skilled crafts people

Purely Organic

All our products have been manufactured using organic genuine leather

Environmentally conscious

Our process adhere to the most environmentally friendly systems

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