The Zawadi Leather Desk /Workspace mat is an extended version of the Zawadi leather mouse pad, This leather Desk Mat will enhance your work by adding comfort and elegance to your office. With a functional minimalist design, this piece gives a stylish look to your workstation. 


Product Feature

The Zawadi leather desk mat features a smooth and flat surface and is portable enough to take your mat anywhere you go. It protects your desk, slides better your mouse, and you will have a firm handwriting surface. Our office desk mat is made using sustainable oil pull-up leather and comes in Tan and Mocha.

Detailed Specifications.

  • Available in Tan and Mocha.
  • Dimensions are 15.6 inches by 23.5 inches.
  • Rough bottom and a smooth top.
  • Contrast stitching.
  • Slim Fits perfectly inside a bag. 
  • Genuine Kenya Leather.
  • Made in Kenya
  • Branded
  • It comes packaged with our plastic-free, reusable, and zero-waste packages.
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